Thursday, June 10, 2010

English Immersion - An Colorful Twist in a Truly British Home

For kicks, I wanted to share this colorful and totally over the top English 
home.  I can't say that I could live in a place like this home but I certainly
would stay in a place like this as a guest or an upscale bed and breakfast.
The decor really makes me feel as if I'm in a different era.

It's like a home that belongs in a book or novel.

It has that feel and ambiance to it.

Antique furnishings paired with a super saturated Yellow.

Old paintings, vintage blankets and lamps...

Plates, vases and chests...One can tell the owner of this home is
definitely a collector.  It's definitely one way to showcase everything -
cover the entire wall with collections.

Take a look at the huge arrow above the bed.  If anything, 
the owners are very consistent in their style and taste.

And the grand finale.  This room totally looks like it comes from another
time and era.  I would love visiting a room like this.  I can imagine for kids,
they would be exploring all the things in the room.  The floor is nearly 
entirely covered with rugs of all sizes - it's really incredible.  It really 
transports one to another sort of reality - feels like a room from the past 
and it looks like it's a room filled with history.  I can't say that I'd live in a 
place like this but it certainly sparks the imagination which is something
I love about it and the reason I wanted to share it.  

A penny for your thoughts on this place?

Photos by 1st Option London