Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Different Uses for Tea Cups

I freely admit that I'm a compulsive tea cup collector...especially ones that 
don't match - all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors.  I saw a documentary 
once that Jacky Chan the martial arts comedian has a collection too.  And
why not indeed?  Other than being able to have Mad Hatter or Alice in 
Wonderland themed tea parties, one can actually do a lot in the way of
decor with a teacup.

I love the miniature bouquet above in this tea cup set.

Larger flowers all of the same kind will do just as well.

Ever thought of serving cupcakes in tea cups? 

Making a miniature house in a tea cup?  
Now this takes skill!  Amazing isn't it? 

A tea cup can also serve as a great candle.

Stack them up as a miniature shelf for small 
things or to serve chocolates and sweets on.

This isn't exactly a tea cup but a tea cup 
made of yarn is certainly creative.

If you love platter ware and tea sets, this Wedgewood
book is a really great book to check out.  Available
through Amazon.

So if you have a collection of tea cups or occasionally
have the urge to buy one at a flea market, discount store,
or stores like Anthropologie - you should!  There's so much
you can do with tea cups.  Put candy in them, your change,
beads or other little things in...the list goes on.

Photos from Domino Magazine, Asmallworld.ca, 
Morguefile.com, ACupofGlee.blogspot, and Flickr LoveItaly.