Friday, February 11, 2011

Elegant Zebra

As I was looking through some of the pictures I've saved in my "Inspiration File" ... I noticed a trend. There was something with a zebra print in an awfully lot of them.

For me, zebra print usually falls into one of two categories. I like to call them Nightclub Zebra and Elegant Zebra. Nightclub Zebra is really in-your-face, kind of cheesy. It conjures up images of Lindsay Lohan clubbing in Miami at 5 am in a place with zebra velour couches, purple rugs and disco balls.

Elegant Zebra makes me swoon.

Elegant Zebra is versatile. It works in a variety of rooms and color schemes. Here's a kitchen and a bedroom that pair zebra with turquoise:

Here's a bedroom and a library that pair zebra with a kind of citrusy pallate. One's traditional, one's modern ... but the zebra rug works in both.

 ElleDecor San Franicisco Show House via Good Bones Great Pieces

A zebra print also works beautifully in a neutral room. It almost becomes the "pop of color" in the space.

James Tse Photography via DecorPad

Would you ever consider using a zebra print rug for your staircase runner?  If you're thinking, not a chance, take a look at this next picture.

Sometimes, just a small zebra chair or two is all you need for a lot of impact.

What about replacing your coffee table with a zebra ottoman?

via Domino

As much as I love zebra however, I believe a home can really only support one statement making zebra piece. I am still holding out for a zebra rug for our bedroom. Good Bones Great Pieces has done a great roundup of zebra rugs at various price points.

Here are a few other pieces you can add to your home, depending on your level of zebra-love.

 Just want to say thanks again to everyone for reaching out to me and for all of the wonderful support this week with the launch of my blog.  It has been a fun week!

We've got a busy weekend ahead, so no new posts this weekend. But I promise a swoon-worthy Valentine's Day post on Monday and more vintage finds to come!