Monday, February 14, 2011

Mondays @ my house: V-Day edition

So, as promised, here is the first in a series of blog posts entitled Mondays @ my house where I'll give you a closer look at some rooms in my house and the inspirations behind them.

Since today is Valentine's Day, I though it only appropriate to begin in the "boudoir."

Let me show you a quick picture of our bedroom when we first walked through our house before buying it.

And now ...

Soothing and serene with a touch of glam.

First job was to paint. I knew I wanted a soothing blue and deliberated for many hours, days, weeks ... months on the perfect pale blue color.  I think I found it in Benjamin Moore Blue Ice.

For the glam component, I wanted to add lots of sparkle with glass, mirrors and other reflective objects.

The bedding is from ZGallerie and I was immediately drawn to it for it's shimmery fabric, various textures, and luxe feel.

I have always wanted a four poster canopy bed.  I added the sheer white curtain panels to create the illusion of an "adult fort" if we want to pull the curtains closed. (Grin. Grin.) I love the dreamy cloud like feeling that envelopes us in bed each night. It is especially pretty when the sun is shining through on lazy Sunday afternoons.

Our bedroom furniture we have had since our first condo we purchased 12 years ago.  If I were to do things over today, I would not purchase matching pieces, but it is still a really nice set.

 I really like the idea of a "his" and "hers" side of the bed and this set offered what I call a masculine nightstand and a feminine nightstand.

As long as we weren't staying symmetrical, I chose different art work for each side of the bed as well.

Got this one from a shop on Etsy called Tastes Orangey. I just think it's a great, sexy bedroom picture. The artist has many more beautifully interesting prints.  I think it would be so fun to buy a bunch of them and hang them all around the bed with a haphazard art gallery look.

These vintage Paris prints hang on my side and I just love them. For me they evoke memories of meandering down the narrow streets of Paris and stopping for drinks at a sidewalk cafe ... not a bad thing to think about each night when I climb into bed!

I will admit, I have always been a girly-girl. I had pink bedrooms all my life growing up, until I got married.  Now, with two boys, there hasn't been a stitch of pink in the house except for my closet ... until recently.  I was inspired by these pictures to add just a small touch of purply-pink to our master bedroom.

 If you read my post on pillows, you'll know that I found these Madeline Weinrib inspired pillows on eBay. 

With pink flowers and just a few other small pink accessories ... I've got my pink fix.

Future plans for the bedroom include a seating area by the windows and fireplace. I've always wanted a chaise like this one.

(I'd add a pink throw.)

Several years ago, I saw this chaise at Anthropologie. I've been thinking about it ever since.

Sadly, it is no longer available. But then I found this ottoman.

I'd like to pair it with a big, comfy, Grey's Anatomy ... or Sports Center watching chair.

I'd also like a pair of these X-benches at the end of the bed.

And then, maybe some curtains like this.

I've also always wanted a little desk with a Ghost Chair, either in place of my nightstand, or against the windows, like this.

(I've had both images for awhile, but unfortunately not the sources.)

And don't forget about my zebra rug!

West Elm

Of course, we also need a new chandelier. As I mentioned in my post on kitchen chandeliers, all of the light fixtures in our house were selected by the builder. While some of them are nice, there are ones I'd like to replace.  The one in our bedroom is quite beautiful, but it doesn't go with our silvery, shimmery color scheme.

 I'm hoping I can maybe sell it on Craigslist and trade it in for something big, glamorous, sparkly and sexy. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect one ... but these are some beauties ...

So, is your boudoir ready for Valentine's Day?