Friday, February 18, 2011

Looking for a home extension or an outbuilding?

I have always loved the beautiful home extensions and oak constructions

of our Belgian company LLOYD HAMILTON.

Whether you want to choose for a home extension or you would love to have a charming outbuilding in your garden, you will love these Lloyd Hamilton constructions.

I have posted here some of my favorites.


I love how this company integrates their home extensions. They do make an effort to choose the right building materials required to extend your home in a way that it is not overwhelming, so that the house don’t loose its characteristics and authenticity. Proportions are very important!

11 Repeat of the roof slates.

9 Carefully chosen roof tiles matching the color of the existing roof.

2A painted home extension here.


Love the inside of these constructions!



15 This is one of my favorites! A combination of a brick façade with oak constructed window frames and doors.

And what do you think of these oak constructions?

17 Dreaming of a place to barbecue this summer?

16 Or are you dreaming of a wonderful oak constructed pool house?

20 Or do you need a new car park?

19 Very Belgian-styled : brick façade, wooden doors, Belgian bluestone.

22 Don’t you admit that the inside of these oak constructions looks just fabulous?

21 The most important characteristic of these constructions is the use of wooden beams.

14 A detail of the earlier showed cottage styled home extension! How charming is this!

If you love to see more of these dream constructions, please visit the Lloyd Hamilton website :

If you are a Belgian reader, visit the Lloyd Hamilton Open Door weekend on 26th & 27th March.

All images : website Lloyd Hamilton

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!



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