Friday, February 18, 2011

More Vintage Finds ...

There was an interesting article on Houzz the other day about 12 ways to achieve a "collected" look in your home. I love the word "collected" as it applies to interior decorating, because to me that is the fun of decorating ... finding and collecting things that I love over time. Rooms that look like they were all put together at once or from one or two stores are not interesting to me. Becky Harris, the author of this article, loves the word "collected" too and explains that "the ability to edit and curate diverse pieces, eras and textures needs a worthy name." 

One of the best ways, I think, to achieve the "collected" look is to incorporate vintage pieces from various eras into your decor. Did you read my earlier post about some of my favorite vintage finds?

As promised, here are a few more favorite vintage pieces from my home.  The first is a wonderful little federal style convex mirror I have hanging in my front entry. 

Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home recently did a blog post featuring federal style convex mirrors and I was even more excited about my little one, especially after seeing this in her post ... 

Mount Vernon Federal reproduction Convex Mirror by the Friedman Brothers  $3200

I'm pretty sure I paid less than $50 for mine. I also love some of these rooms she featured with similar mirrors.

Eddie Ross in Lonny

via Elle Decor

This one is of her own beautiful bedroom.

Next up is an old globe that has been covered in vintage ledger paper, old postcards and vintage brooches. I love it's uniqueness and the idea of worldly travel it conjures up. The globe itself just rests on an old iron base with caster wheels. A beautiful twist on the traditional globe, don't you think?

I also love this vintage jewelry holder ...

image from Etsy

 Not only is it pretty, but very functional! I use it to hang the necklaces I wear most often. I like to imagine what other necklaces and jewels it proudly displayed in a former life.

What do these three things have in common? I bought them all from a wonderful Etsy shop called Blue Bell Bazaar. The owner, Gosia, collects interesting objects, antiques, oil paintings, industrial art, you name it, from a variety of places, including trips abroad.  She is a favorite of catalog stylists at Anthropologie.  Visiting her Etsy shop makes me feel like I am wandering around a quaint little flea market. She carries everything from vintage Scandinavian designs, old store signs, and laboratory and apothecary bottles, to modern china, vintage chalkboards, industrial lamps, vases and giant metal alphabet letters.

I feel lucky that she is a Chicago-based gem, as on several occasions when I have ordered something online, she has personally brought it to my house.  I've even pointed out certain places or walls where I am looking for something to put there and she will email me some ideas from her collection within the week.

If you read the post on my master bedroom, you may remember the vintage Paris prints hanging above my nightstand. Yep, I got them from Blue Bell Bazzar.  I've also purchased a number of other pieces of art from her. Here are two of my other favorites.

Still waiting to hang the one below ... I am working on collecting pieces for a gallery style art wall to go up along our main staircase. (Stay tuned for a future post.)

Best of all, she and a partner have opened up Architectural Anarchy in Chicago's historic Pilsen neighborhood.  I am dying to get down to their amazing 7400 sq ft warehouse showroom to see her latest collection of vintage furniture, lighting, artwork, and other wonderfully quirky pieces. 

Have a great weekend everyone!