Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sutphin Architecture versus Lefèvre Interiors


A few months ago, I discovered the company Sutphin Architecture, based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I was so pleased to discover the beautiful and masterly architectural work of this company!


Whether you want to build a new house or you would love to go for the restoration or renovation of your home, Sutphin Architecture has the solution for you!


I just love the classical styled new or restored projects of this building company!

The residential homes are based on the classical architectorial style with a good eye for proportions and beautiful detailling.


A new construction of Sutphin Architecture.





A restored Palladian inspired residence.




…and after.

Isn’t that gorgeous!


Interior architecture.

Do I notice here influences of the Belgian style?




18Steel window – Linen fabrics. 


Browsing through the Sutphin Architecture website, I discovered that, concerning interior architecture, this company has a lot in common with my company Lefèvre Interiors. Their are a lot of similarities in designing, finishing, detailling and quality of the projects of both to discover.

That is why I wanted you to discover Sutphin Architure and why today I share with you some images of both companies, Sutphin Architecture and Lefèvre Interiors.

I might think that you all will notice similarities and feel kindred spirits in the work of both.

30Sutphin Architecure


2011-02-08_101927 Lefèvre Interiors


25 Sutphin Architecure


2011-02-07_170504  Lefèvre Interiors


32 Sutphin Architecure


2011-02-07_170130 Lefèvre Interiors


3Sutphin Architecure


2011-02-07_173205 Lefèvre Interiors


4 Sutphin Architecure


2011-02-07_171131 Lefèvre Interiors


35 Sutphin Architecure


2011-02-07_173800 Lefèvre Interiors


17 Sutphin Architecure


2011-02-07_171724 Lefèvre Interiors


20 Sutphin Architecure


2011-02-07_172233 Lefèvre Interiors


34 Sutphin Architecure


2011-02-07_172747 Lefèvre Interiors


5 Sutphin Architecure


2011-02-07_172813 Lefèvre Interiors


1 Sutphin Architecure


2011-02-07_175958 Lefèvre Interiors


2 Sutphin Architecure


2011-02-07_175918 Lefèvre Interiors


36 Sutphin Architecure


2011-02-07_172944 Lefèvre Interiors


6 Sutphin Architecure


2011-02-07_172849  Lefèvre Interiors


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Images Sutphin Architecture: website Sutphin Architecture

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