Friday, April 8, 2011

Interior Design With Blue and White

                                                         Home interior design part-1

                                                        Home interior design part-2

Interior design in blue and white is a very popular color. It is calm and soothing, but often rich and vibrant. Blue reminds us of the holiday by the sea. Greek islands with white houses shining-washed and intense blue doors and window frames bath in direct sunlight comes to mind. Provide welcome contrast to the cool blue beauty of interior design in blue. Without a doubt the blue color dominates the world around us. This is the color of the sky and the ocean which both come in various shades of home interior design.

                                                         Home interior design part-3

                                                          Home interior design part-4

* All shades of blue looks amazing with white and navy blue
* To stimulate the country French style interiors combined with lots of bright blue-white color.
* Are very elegant and relaxed atmosphere can be created by combining blue with pale grayish white color.
* Pale blues are soft and easy to live with.

Home interior design part-5

* Blue interior designing will make your room look bigger. But before you start decorating, check where natural light comes from. If the room you catch a little sun or not, it will make your room look cool.
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