Sunday, April 17, 2011

Room Color Design Ideas

Interior Design Ideas - Color Scheme - Color Distribution in a Room

You have chosen a color scheme for your home. Color schemes should have about 3 main colors (this may be neutral), 2 secondary and 2-5 accent colors or hyphens. The color scheme can create magic in a room and can be distributed in a different way.
Let's start by defining the function room. Anyone who uses the room? Is public space or private space, in other words, a single user or multiple users?
Formal rooms will usually have more neutral. Gray is the new black this year and is considered neutral. Many formal room neutral, gray, beige, taupe or white as the main color on the walls, ceilings, and floors. Secondary colors can be used in an amount you specify. More colors used, the space a more casual feel. Casual room, like a big room and family room, many times has a thick wall. Many times if there is wood or tile floors, area rugs can be the basis for your scheme. If the room is being used by the public you may want to introduce a full color scheme with a neutral color or as dominating, add your secondary color and accent as well.
Lighting has always played a big factor in your scheme because there is no color without light. Notice the bright colors and how you will light up at night to reach the color again. You even may want to spot accent lights in certain areas to get back the brightness and added drama at night. Low voltage lighting is a beautiful accent lighting, the incandescent light bulb in the lamp cast a warm yellow tone and halogen and fluorescent lights cast a blue light.
Room size is important. I like the small powder room with a thick tone. Large rooms can take a lot of colors that are easier and a small room can take a lighter complexion as well. If you have a bold personality and color scheme you can enter a bold dark color, large furniture and large-scale fabric in a small space. Remember that dark walls of the room to throw a visual balance and must be balanced. It actually can be quite fun. Find solutions to your interior design today by going to and begin the road to a large choice of interior design.

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