Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top 4 Interior Design Schools Worldwide

Top 4 Interior Design Schools Worldwide
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Although the authorities say that the interior design begins with the birth of art itself-and it is a very long time ago-interior design as a formal study did not come until about 50 years ago. Thanks to popular shows such as The British daytime 60 Minute Makeover and Changing Rooms, which give birth in the United States reality television program for an hour Trading Spaces interior-design as a profession that was born in the 1970s.

20 the last decade saw almost all major cities around the world opened schools or programs that serve the interior design as a profession. In 2011, there were at least a thousand schools that offer interior design throughout the world, and choose what is considered the best for us all.

In celebration of our third year since the launch, we are proud to announce its own list of best schools in the world of interior design.

So here's a list of the 4 best school of interior design
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