Monday, April 18, 2011

Room Design Ideas For Girl

Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Girls love bright colorful colors. In your girl's bedroom decor, get used to using the color of bright colors that will bring out the youthfulness in the theme of the room.

decorations should also be flirtatious, that you have the stars, the moon, if you plan in the night or perhaps a decorative style sunshine, coastline, sandy beaches and blue sea if you plan to beach theme.

1. Night Time Theme

If you are planning a theme night, would be better to have all the necessary colors to the theme. Blues, white, yellow, would be very useful if you intend to decorate the room with this theme.

Ornaments for the night is also useful, such as turning lights where you see the objects move as a lamp lights up or maybe a bell to hang from the ceiling. Girls like the sound of bells and maybe that's good to give your girl one, as decoration for her room.

Maybe, you should have a bed with a very cool blue sheets and pillows of warm yellow light like the moon on his head. Or maybe have a picture of a half moon on the ceiling or wall.

You can also create a dark blue color to the floor and you can play with lighting to highlight the views of the room during the day and especially at night.

2. Beach Theme

If you plan on decorating with a beach theme, it is necessary to have the elements of the beach, perhaps, sand brown carpet to the floor, a nice bright blue bed sheets for beds and fluffy white pillows.

You also might want to add a pinch of yellow with a theme to send elements of the summer. As may put yellow curtains and ornaments all over the place, and of course decorating with beach elements, such as coral, starfish, angel fish, and clown fish.

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