Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend decoration ideas


I am pleased to give you today some wonderful decoration tips! Maybe you can try them out this weekend!


Decoratie 7

Put together a group of vases and place a blossom branch into some of them.


Decoratie 2

Create a wonderful still by placing together some white candles and a blossom branch.


Decoratie 8

If you have a small niche somewhere at your home, you could place a vase filled with an olive  (I might think??)branch.


Decoratie 4

Is one of your favorite china dishes broken into parts? No need to worry, here is the solution!

Don’t you feel the urge to drop one of your plates by accident??!!


Decoratie 1

Don’t you find a place to collect your hats, then display them as shown here!


Decoratie 6

Are your bags pulling out of your wardrobe? Don’t worry! Hang them above your bedhead and enjoy watching them every night!


Decoratie 5

To many shopping bags! Frame the ones you like the most.


Decoratie 3

Are you tired of searching after that one particular holiday picture! Hang them at the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors and your problem will be solved.


A wonderful weekend to you all!



So sorry to not know the source of these images. I filed them some time ago. If anyone of you know the source and photographer of one of these, please let me know and I will mention it.