Thursday, November 4, 2010

Accents of Celadon

‘Celadon’ is one of my favorite colors. I love to bring in a touch of celadon in a room. In a classic or in a contemporary styled interior, it always work!

‘Celadon’ is a term for ceramics denothing both a type of glaze and a ware of a specific color, also called celadon. This type of ware was invented in ancient China, primarly in Zhejiang Province.

Celadon 62

Chinese Longquan Celadon from Zhejiang, Song Dynasty, 13th century (Musée Guimet in Paris) Source Wikipedia

One of the theories is that the term is a corruption of the name of Saladin (Sala ad-Din), the Ayyubid Sultan, who in 1171 sent forty pieces of the ceramic to Nur ad-Din Zengi, Sultan of Syria.

Celadon glaze refers to a family of transparant glazes, many with pronounced cracks in the glaze, produced in a wide variety of colors (including white, grey, blue and yellow), generally used on porcelain or stoneware clay bodies.

Celadon glazes have such popularity and impact that pieces made with it are often referred to as “celadons”.

Today I want you to show how to bring in the color of celadon in your home. There is a wide range of possibilities to do that!


Color of celadon

Celadon 1 (Garnier)source Garnier

You can display some celadon pottery in your cabinet.

Celadon 22 (Alexandra Siebelink)source Alexandra Siebelink

Celadon 7 Antique Chinese pottery (MTC 2010-5) Antique chinese pottery source Magazine MTC 2010-5

Celadon 5 (Garnier)source Garnier

A few pieces of celadon decoration will do. As these candle lights and this beautiful lamp.

Celadon 30 (Am Projects) source AM Projects

What do you think about hanging a celadon colored painting?

Celadon 49 (artist Kay Kang Kay Kang source

Oh yes of course, you could wear celadon clothes too!

Celadon 59 (Celadon silk dress by Oleg Cassini 1962 for Jacqueline Kennedy)

Celadon silk dress by Oleg Cassini (1962) for Jacky Kennedy.

Or you could write with a beautiful celadon pen!

Celadon 20 (


And if you want to give your furniture another look, paint them in celadon!

Celadon 3 (Garnier)source Garnier

Aren’t these pieces of furniture beautiful?!

Celadon 2 (Garnier) source Garnier

Or you could upholster your chairs or seats with a celadon fabric.

Celadon 32 (Garnier) source Garnier

Celadon 4 (Garnier)source Garnier

Celadon 16(Axel vervoordt)source Axel Vervoordt

You even can find beautiful celadon painted Swedish furniture.

Celadon 6 (Garnier) source Garnier

Swedish clock

Celadon 37source unknown

Swedish chair

I definitely have a weakness for celadon painted panelling ! This celadon color is so thankful to use in combination with painted or stained furniture.

The painted desk is just wonderful in front of the celadon painted panelling.

Celadon 13 source unknown

Even this stained console table in combination with the celadon painted panelling is gorgeous.

Celadon 15 source unknown


Combination 1 : celadon with shades of orange and brown

Combination 1

Celadon 55 (corail and celadon)

Wall paper with touches of celadon. source unknown

Celadon 60source Lefèvre Interiors

Decoration accessories : celadon and orange

Celadon 53 (villa d'este blog)source villa d’Esta blog

Celadon in combination with chocolate brown.

Celadon 52 (villa d'este blog) source villa d’Esta blog

Celadon in combination with oak flooring!

Celadon 57 (Robert Allen)

Beautiful celadon fabric from Robert Allen

Celadon 39source unknown

Brown stained table surrounded by celadon.

Combination 2 : celadon in combination with shades of vilolet, purple or pink

Combination 2

Celadon 50 (Alexandra Siebelink)source Alexandra Siebelink

Love the celadon pottery here in combination with the purple color of this painting.

Combination 3 : celadon in combination with shades of green and shades of blue

Combination 3

Combination 4Celadon 41 ( source

Celadon 9 ( Designers Guild fabric-farnese-celadon-print)fabric Farnese celadon print Designers Guild

Celadon 21 (Alexandra Siebelink)source Alexandra Siebelink

Celadon 24 (bellanottelinens) source Bella Notte linens

Combination 4 : celadon in combination with coral

Combination 5

Celadon 56 (corail and celadon)source unknown

Celadon 54 (corail and celadon) source unknown

Celadon 40 (Lars Bolander)source Lars Bolander

Celadon painted skirt in combination with corail wall paint.

So , did I succeed in convincing you to add some celadon accents in your interior, so far?

Not yet??!!

Well then , maybe these images on below will certainly do!


Celadon 11 source unknown

Celadon 27 (Libeco table linen Vence collection)source Libeco

Belgian table linen Vence Collection Libeco

Celadon 12 source unknown

Celadon 10 (Garnier)source Garnier


Celadon 33 (Garnier) source Garnier

Celadon 23 (bellanottelinens)source Bella Notte linens

Beautiful linens for you draperies or as table and bed linen!

Celadon 48 ( source

Celadon 47 ( source

Celadon 38 (Cote de Texas) source Cote de Texas blog


Celadon 8 ( source Elaine Griffin

Celadon painted cabinets

Celadon 42 accents in the kitchen ( source


Celadon 14 source unknown


Celadon 46 ( source

Don’t you love those celadon draperies here?

Celadon 45 ( source

Celadon 36 (Restoration hardware draperies)source Restoration Hardware

To choose your draperies, please visit the catalog of Restoration Hardware.

Celadon 18 (Bed linen) source unknown

Celadon bed linen.

Celadon 19 (Paisley fabric) source unknown

Celadon Paisley fabric for the drapery!

Celadon 26 (Libeco bed linen Vence collection)source Libeco

Belgian bedlinen Vence collection Libeco

Instead of using celadon fabrics in your bedroom, you could go to bring in a work of art, painted in celadon colors.

As here!

Celadon 23 (Alexandra Siebelink) source Alexandra Siebelink

Celadon 17 (Axel Vervoordt) source : me (Castle of Axel Vervoordt)

Wonderful celadon children’s bedlinen from Bella Notte linens!

Celadon 25 (bellanottelinens) source Bella Notte linens


Celadon 44 ( source

Choose for celadon wall paper…

…or for celadon ceramic wall tiles.

Celadon 58 (Ceramic tiles) source unknown

Celadon 61 source unknown

Celadon for your bathroom accessories.

Are you convinced now to choose for some celadon accents ??!! Please, let me know!

Celadon 51 (villa s'este blog) source villa d’Esta blog

By the way, I want you to meet Franca of the villa d’Esta blog, from who I used some images in this post!

Franca is a blogger and interior designer from The Netherlands and she loves to give her readers a lot of inspiration, achieving to have their home more cosier, more atmospheric and personal!

Please visit Franca at her beautiful villa d’Esta blog HERE.

I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week!