Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving !

I want to wish all of you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Here in Belgium, we are not used to celebrate Thanksgiving day, but blogging for a year now, made me feel so connected with all of you and that is why I wanted to wish you a warm and peaceful Thanksgiving !

And for those who are still on a doubt for a Thanksgiving gift, or a Christmas gift, I have some good news!

This week a wonderful, gorgeous new Belgian book is released, titled QUIET LIVING.

The author, Piet Swimberghe who is an art historian and the photographer, Jan Verlinde work for numerous magazines, as ‘Elle Living’, ‘Côté Quest’, ‘MTC’, ‘Weekend Knack’.

They were granted permission to have a look inside the houses of numerous designers, artists and collectors!

‘Personal Rural Interiors’. All of them warm and charming European houses.

Jan Verlinde has taken the most wonderful pictures! Top quality !

The book is a ‘must have’!!!


Oh yes! I also have to tell you this! One of the houses in this book, is the house of Céline Chollet, a blogger colleague of the blog CELINE CHOLLET AQUARELLES. Céline and her family live in Auxerre in France. She is an aquarellist, specialized in watercolour paintings of old buildings, often ruines, and interiors! If you don’t know Céline or her beautiful blog yet, please visit Céline HERE !

Foto 004 Céline at work!

You can order the book HERE or HERE.

I am sure that you and the one who has received the book as a gift, will so enjoy it!!!