Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Holiday Style Issue of Surroundings mag::E::zine


My dear friends, you definitely have to check out the Holiday Style Issue of Surroundings mag::E::zine!

The author of this e-magazine is our well-known blogger Linda Merrill. 

You will find great tips for entertaining, gift-giving and holiday traditions.

Linda asked a few of her blogger friends and colleagues (including me!) to share some tips for the coming holidays.

A very interesting article!


And please browse this wonderful E-Magazine, you will love it!!!

E magazine


Linda Merrill is also the author of the blog “SURROUNDINGS” and co-author of the blog “THE SKIRTED ROUND TABLE”.

For those amongst my readers who are not familiar with Linda, please visit Linda Merrill’s blog by clicking on the Surroundings logo.

Surroundings logo

If you haven’t heard yet about the “SKIRTED ROUND TABLE”, please visit the blog here by clicking on the SRT logo and you will love to hear the interviews that Linda, Joni and Megan did with a lot of blogger colleagues and even welll-known designers!


Logo SRT

I wish you a wonderful Sunday!!

And to my friend Linda : “Thank you so much for including me in your gorgeous magazine! I really appreciate it!”