Monday, November 1, 2010

New Rules for Small Space Decorating - A 1,000 Square Foot Parisian Hideaway in Illionois

Lizzie Carney of Euro Trash has this amazing 1,000 square foot bungalow
in Jacksonville, Illinois.  Lizzie is the stylist and designer for the furniture
import firm.  The firm imports furniture from Europe for clients.

 As you can see, Lizzie has impeccable taste.  I adore what she has done 
with her pad.  Gray is one of my favorite colors for interiors.  It would
seem like a drab color but you can do a lot with it.  What a gorgeous 
color scheme - Gray with Coral.  The tufted bed antique French bed
frame, curtains and chandelier really make the room.  Duvet cover 
from Anthropologie.

Lizzie in her gorgeous home.

 I love that she has shutters on the inside of this room that are in its 
natural wood color.  She upholstered the French Bergere chair in 
luxurious velvet.  The charcoal walls make for a perfect backdrop
for hanging up framed images and paintings.
 A better look at the space.

Her entire home is painted in the same charcoal color.   It really makes
for a dramatic effect.  There's a fun pop of color with the refrigerator
and of course another "to-die-for" chandelier in the kitchen.  The bar
stools are from Ikea and it's so clever that she used a piece of a side
board mounted onto the island as a dining counter top.


 Her dining room has a ton of character with an old French wine room 
feel.  It literally feels like you're in the French country side.  Lizzy was
super clever and used her basement as a wine cellar and dining space.
Now that's what I call beautiful and functional.

Lizzie decided to turn the second bedroom into an indulgence... her 
very own dressing room.  I must say that I am totally jealous.  It's
very lovely.  Again as with everything in her home, it's very tastefully

To recap on the new rules for designing in a small space and Lizzie's tips:

Lizzie's Tips for Designing a Small Space

1.) Old Rule:  White Walls are a must in a small space.
     New Rule:  Dark colors create the illusion of depth in small rooms.

2.)  Old Rule:  Cramped quarters call for clean lines.
      New Rule:  Ornate embellished details give even the tightest spots a sense of grandeur.

3.)  Old rule:  Hidden storage is key to keeping a tiny house tidy.
      New Rule:  Why waste precious basement space on boxes when you could have a dining room    
      and a wine cellar?

4.)  Old Rule:  Get extra mileage of a guest room by having it double as an office or den.
      New Rule:  Turn over the entire room to a single indulgence like a walk-in closet.

5.)  Old Rule:  Small spaces require small or furniture.
      New Rule:  Bitsy often leads to busy.  Instead, opt for fewer, larger pieces.

 If you like Parisian and French inspired spaces as I do, I highly
 recommend this book.  Even though it is hotels and homes, it
features gorgeously decorated rooms in Paris which is great for

If you love to rummage in flea markets, this is a great
book that gives a very good introduction and lists the
major in all of France.

So did you like Lizzie Carney's bungalow?  What were
your favorite spaces, items or points in how she designed 
her space?  Do you agree with her tips?

If you like Lizzie's bungalow, definitely also check out
Molly Sim's Parisian Soho pad if you haven't already seen 
it.  Here's a peak: