Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Arrangements & Tidbits

I spent my entire weekend pottering and arranging things. I recently read a comment on a blog post from a reader saying how tired they were of vignettes. I can actually see where they are coming from as there really has been alot of vignette talk of late but I must say I personally could never tire of creating vignettes. It's so relaxing and almost therapeutic for me arranging flowers and vases and family treasured bits and pieces on tables in my home.

Going out into my garden early on Saturday morning was a real treat. I took my secateurs and went to work cutting some beautiful foliage from some of the tress in my garden which I arranged in vases for the house.

Over the weekend the boys and I visited my cousin Ben and his gorgeous fiance Phoebe as they moved into their beautiful new apartment yesterday. I went to work immediately helping them with a few bits for their new home. We quickly sorted out a furniture placement plan and then went down to Black & Spiro and collected a few things to pretty up the space. They have a moraya hedge in their courtyard so we cut some and arranged it in a vase which we placed in a vignette on a table in their lounge room.

It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful cushions, a few accessory pieces and lamps can make such a huge improvement.

As we left the apartment this afternoon my Aunty Jane {Ben's mum} handed me this AMAZING book. She picked it up this morning for me. It was the perfect gift. She knows how much I am enjoying my garden and this book certainly is right up my alley as it showcases so many beautiful gardens in the same style as mine...well, the same style I hope my garden will be one day!!

I had such a great weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend too...