Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Weekend at Home

Ever since we've moved into the homestead {the term our family and friends use when talking about the house} we just don't seem to want to leave. Weekends are spent here with lots of family and friends dropping in for a swim and for lunch. This weekend was no different. Whilst pottering around the homestead this morning I rearranged some of my blue and white things in the cabinet in our kitchen. I must say I think I really am turning into my mother now...should I be concerned? I haven't used one bit of pink in this cabinet which is such a refreshing change for me.

Whilst Brad was standing in the kitchen this morning preparing lunch for our friends I couldn't stop looking at his navy check shorts and immediately made the decision to get our new dining chairs made in navy and white check. I have been trying to decide on a fabric for our new dining chairs for a while so now, based on Brad's shorts, the decision has been made!

We seem to have a standard menu for kid's at the homestead....sausages on bread with tomato sauce. It's so easy and it seems that most children will eat sausages on a bread roll.

Whilst enjoying a bit of sunshine around the pool today I also enjoyed looking at my orchids which have just bloomed.

I also tried to enjoy a few moments reading one of my gardening books around the pool but Ned just wouldn't leave me alone.

It seemed that all he wanted was my hat.

Ever since we have started swimming in the pool over the last few weeks Ned has been angling at diving in and today he did it. He dived in and then we just couldn't stop him from diving in. It was very funny, I must say.

How was your weekend?