Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beautiful dining rooms

I hope you all enjoyed this Easter weekend! We have had a long weekend and the Belgian weather was gorgeous!  So we spred our time between working in the garden and having barbecue with our family.

Back to our job this morning, preparing a new project, I was browsing through my dining room file to find some inspirational dining spaces for this new project. I picked out some gorgeous dining rooms I wanted to share with you today.


Don’t you love the intimacy of this dining space? Surrounded by books while dining! Love that.

3image source :  Nicky Haslam Design


In this dining room I just love the color palette of the room and the gorgeous chairs!

13 image source : Cathy Kincaid Interiors via The Enchanted Home


I have always loved to hang paintings in a dining room, in particular portraits.

20image source : Timothy Corrigan


Love the freshness of this room : beautiful painted paneling and wonderful chosen chair upholstery fabric.

14 image source : David Mitchell Interior Design


Here I love the grey ypholstered chairs in combination with the stained dining table. The grey color is repeated in the wall painting and in the color of the wainscotting.

Notice that beautiful oriental rug.

5 image source : VT Interiors


The high ceilings give this dining room a royal appearance.

18image source : Timothy Corrigan


Love this! Such a warm and cozy space. Notice the carpet !

19 image source : Timothy Corrigan


Maybe it is because of the speciality of my company’s work , but I just have a weakness for paneled rooms. In a dining room I especially love to see a very soft and clean painted color for the paneling.

What I also love in this room is again the portret painting, the floor tiles and the view towards the other rooms “en enfilade” . There is a straight line of doors from one room to another.

8 image source : Robert Couturier


A country styled dining room. Beautiful!

7 image source : Victoria Hagan via 1stdibs


A luxurious appearance.

12 image source : The Connaught Hotel London


A Swedish styled dining room. I love the chairs, the framed documents on the wall and the subdued color palette here.

22image source : Lisa Luby Ryan


Gorgeous paneling!

23 image source :  Nicky Haslam Design


Love the table, the chairs and the table chandelier.

17 image source : Art & Décoration  Photo credit: Edith Andréotta


Shabby chic style in combination with the indurstrial chairs. It works!

15 image source : Journal de la Maison  Photo credit : Stephen Clément


Swedish styled room again. To me the Swedish chairs are of the most beautiful chairs one can find.

6 image source : Vincent Bruggen


I enjoy this French styled dining room a lot! So charming! The chairs, the linen table cloth, the carpet. All so well chosen in combination with the wooden beams and the stone walls, isn’t it?

11image source : El Mueble  Photo credit : S. Moreno


Which one of these dining rooms is your favorite? Tell me!