Sunday, April 17, 2011

Château de Bouges

I lot of you my readers do know that I just love castles, in particular those built in the 18th century. This Château built “à l’italienne” under the reign of LXV, is a jewel!

Château de Bourges is located in the heart of the Berry region, the Loire Valley. It is classified as a monument historique and the gardens are listed by the Ministry of Culture as among the Notable Gardens of France. The château and gardens are open to the public.

I haven’t visited this castle yet, but I have definitely added it to my ‘must visit in France’ list.



Perfect symmetrie in architecture as in the garden landscaping.


2 English styled garden.


3One of the remarkable lime trees.


4 The flower garden.


11 Ancient conservatory.




6 North side of the castle.


7 ‘L’écurie’ where beautiful oak wood is used and where you can notice the names of the last stayed horses on the doors of the boxes.



The castle’s elegant architecture is matched by the outstanding furniture that was carefully selected by the last owners of the château.

Just beautiful! No much words needed!



For more information and opening hours of the Château de Bouges, go here.

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All images of Château de Bourges : Maisons de Campagne n° 65 Juillet-Août 2010

Photo credit : D. Vorillon