Monday, April 18, 2011

Modern Residential Designs

5 Types of Modern Residential Design - Get Quick Information

Modern Housing Design services are an important part of building architects should require any type of building. All parts of the house or office should be decorated and maintained accurately. In the past people spend a lot of money to decorate their homes as technologies such as architectural designs are not available yet at this point by looking at building your home on your computer, you can build it at cost less. This is because the architectural design to avoid re-occurrence.
Architectural design can be described in 5 different types. Let's get a brief information of all kinds.

Custom House Plan Design:

It involves many things, including lighting, ventilation, plumbing and electrical. Custom house plans showing the position of doors, windows, stairs, balconies, interior and exterior elevation and more. It also includes a site plan, foundation plan, floor plans, roof plans and other building plans.

Modern Residential Design:

In the past housing schemes are evaluated on the paper so a difficult task. After 2D and 3D technology innovation is now easy to create a residential design with maximum accuracy. You can convert your hand-made drawings and designs into digital formats using this technology. Benefits of using a 2D method for the design of your home is that you can get accurate results in a shorter period of time.

Modern Interior Design:

As we all know that the appearance of the interior are the backbone of all types of buildings. Everyone wants to see the interior attractive. Using the model of a modern interior you can beautify your interior the look for less. Using the interior 3D model you can get an exact idea of ​​your interior setting.

Furniture Design Rendering:

It has played an important role in regulating the interior. You can arrange your furniture with a better way to use 3D models of furniture. Using 3D Models Furniture you can choose the shapes, curves, colors and materials your furniture.

Landscape Design:

With this you can create a landscape to suit your needs. You can choose a better design for your garden. Customized landscape model allows you to make changes and also allows you to apply your own mind. So give attractive look for your house and appropriate landscape setting.

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