Saturday, April 9, 2011

A few things to say…

In one of my earlier posts this week about Spring, where I posted a few pictures of my kitchen decoration, some of you had noticed this quote and asked me to tell more about it.

Well, some years ago I asked a friend, who has the finest hand to write in calligraphy, to write down this quote (because I just love it!).

Afterwards the quote was resized and printed on a linen canvas.

I thought it was a brilliant idea to have a very affordable piece of art in my home.

The quote is of the Dutch poet Willem Kloos (1859-1938) and is written in Dutch.

It means : “Beautiness is life in its finest essence.”




A closer look where you can notice the linen structure of the canvas.


A good idea is to take and print a recipe of a meal you love to hang in your kitchen.

Give it a try!



If you love Belgian design, I would recommend you to visit a recently discovered beautiful blog

A Thoughtful Eye .




Dannielle Boudrot, the author, posted about 3 well-known, Belgian influenced, designers :

McAlpine, Booth & Ferrier HERE

John Saladino HERE

Darryl Carter HERE

And I want to thank Dannielle for the post she wrote about Belgian Pearls HERE. Thank you so much Danielle, I feel honored you included me in your beautiful blog!



Two days ago I received an email of a certain Samantha Hartman, a casting producer for a new Home and Garden Television (HGTV) series, profiling American Expats around the world.

So Samantha asked me if maybe I would know American people living in Brussels, who could be interested in this TV show and who want to showcase their properties on HGTV.

I promised Samantha to post about it.

So if you are one of my American readers who owns a house in the Brussels area and you are interested in this new serie of HGTV or if anyone of my readers knows American people living in Belgium who could be interested in the show, please contact Samantha at

Thank you so much!


You can read the press release here on below.



And for all of you today some spring feeling images, to celebrate the weekend!



7Image source here


8 Image source here


5Image source here


9 Picture of my home    photo credit Efie De Grande


6 Image source here


4 Image source Inspiring Interiors

I wish you all a wonderful spring weekend!