Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dental office interior design

Have you recently spent tens of thousands of dollars to remodel or build-out your dental office. The first area that they will see is the waiting room. What kind of first impression will be done if the area with new carpet, new paint and new lighting have old furniture in it?
No furniture all created equal. When buying furniture for your dental office, especially high traffic areas such as waiting room, you want to make sure that you buy furniture that is designed to level of usage. There are three areas that matter in this case.

                                                   Dental office interior design part-1

First, is the furniture frame.

Second, is the finish. What is colorfast finish? How well it will resist scuffs, moisture, and chips? Once again, not all manufacturers guarantee their products.

Last, but certainly not least, is the fabric itself. Association of Contract Textiles (ACT) has set the standard for measuring the performance of textiles used in commercial settings. This highly flammable measure, crocking wet & dry (measuring colorfastness of fabric's), ultra-violet light resistance (measures the resistance of fabric to fade), the physical properties (measures the resistance of fabric to pilling, slip stitches, and tearing), and abrasion (or endurance fabric to wear from rubbing).
                                                  Dental office interior design part-2
So, Protecting the investment you make in your office design, image branding, and the furniture itself by selecting the commercial furniture with a lifetime warranty.
James is a regular lecturer and author on dental office design, green design, and interior branding and also served as Adjunct Instructor in the department of interior design at The Art Institute of Indianapolis. For more information about dental office interior design please click on this address
                                                Dental office interior design part-3