Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home Interior Design With Green And Red Color Perfection

We know what the first thought is that when we talk about DESIGN HOUSE INTERIOR red and green that you would expect natural colors compliment each other; noted on the color wheel on the opposite side. They also have a beautiful way of representing nature during the spring and summer of autumn and winter.
* In a large and airy living room designed with modern interior design furniture and a neutral palette - some red and green to bring joy and excitement, a young, vibrant and refreshing.

* In a smaller room you may want to choose more simple, comfortable color that compliments your room - try the red rust with sage green, took him to the sofa cushion color block, color block area rugs and glass vases with fresh red and orange blossom.
* For the bedroom funky and individual, try the update scheme of black, gray and white monochrome with some touches of green apple and red. A good appearance is white walls, a big gray area rug and black-framed bed with clean lines. Do not go anywhere because I have provided several models of INTERIOR DESIGN HOUSE very beautiful here.

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