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room designs for teenage girls

7 Ideas For Wall Art Cool Girl's Room

Decorate your room teenage girl using: paintings, mirrors, wall plaques & letters, posters, cork boards, wall stickers, and pins. Moms always make sure everything is right for her little girl. Surprise her by getting some furniture to the wall in his room. Here are some wonderful decorating ideas for bedroom wall.


Painting is the most conventional wall decor. Paintings add elegance to a room, choose one that appeals to your taste. If your daughter is an artist himself, you can let him make his own paintings he could survive on his wall.


Mirrors add sophistication to the wall. The mirror is designed only been able to make a clever piece of art on the walls of his unfurnished. You can also get a mirror with an artistic frame that goes well with your wall color to make it more fun when looking at yourself.

Letters and wall plaques

Wall Letters and plaques make a real ornament to his room. Spell his name by using the pieces of colorful characters. words or phrase placed at the plaque Wikipedia.


Teenagers are big fans of music groups and celebrities. Get her posters favorite musician and actor he was always able to stare.

Cork board and the board

Teenage years can be a busy era for your girl. Get some cool his cork board or white board for him to pin up some important dates, appointments, or any school activity that she should be prepared. To make things more chiming, he always can add a decorative paper or a magnet to make it more attractive and practical.

Wall stickers

Get her some stickers that are designed with a clever wall would be parallel the style and personality. To make things more interesting, freeing the creative side and let design its own vinyl wall stickers.

Hooks and pegs

elaborate decoration wall decoration that would be seen but small can also cause impact to your walls. Add some funny and creative design peg on your girl's room. Butterflies and flowers will surely add a touch of feminine. Bring out the attitude like his kids with cute star pegs or the design of animals such as pigs, sheep or anything relevant in the poem.
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