Saturday, April 2, 2011

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     Synchronization Themes and Colors
The first thing to do after you decide on a theme decor style that you will use for your guest room at your new house or when renovating an existing home, you must decide which color scheme you will use. You must remember to color coordinate with the theme color of your furniture, upholstery, furniture accessories, floor coverings, carpets, etc.. Another option is to start with furniture and paint color coordination with it. You can try to start with the main piece of furniture in the room or the center of the room.
Choosing a Color Classic That Still Works

     The most fashionable colors are still various tones of white or off-white because it makes the room look very large and also create small pieces, like lamps and tables, appear larger.
Great Color Options: A great idea will add a hint of color to complement your white walls. You can use a little chocolate to cut you some tone in a light green or blue, or brown accent wall or dark gray and light green. Brown: There is nothing like the brown shades to bring out the warmth and blend well with just about anything. But be careful to use the color brown in a small guest room because it can dominate the room, suppress your furniture and accent colors. Red: The color Red is the color of a classic because they were so brave, cheerful and brave. Reds worked very well with light colored furniture, so that even more prominent. However, people like to use red as an accent color.

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