Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Amy Atlas ~ A Stunning Lavender Snowflake Candy Table ~ Happy New Year 2010 !!

One of The Most mouthwatering and Gorgeous Candy I've ever seen are
from Amy Atlas Events based in New York City.  She is the creative force
and owner of this company that makes beautiful cakes, desserts and candy
tables for events of all kinds.  She calls this winter wonderland creation 
Lavender Snowflake Dessert Table.

"We created this dessert table for both a Bat Mitzvah and for an event by
the Wedding Library at the New York Palace. The design details were
inspired by the Bat Mitzvah girl's lavender snowflake invitation.
Opalescent lavender desserts were placed on our custom lucite vessels."

Amy Atlas' creations gives new meaning to the word "Eye Candy."

This color palette is perfect for a little girl in a winter wonderland.  Don't
 the candy canes above just make you think of Sugar Plum Fairies?

Snowflake topped chocolates in silver, lavender and white. 
Wouldn't it also be a wonderful color palette for a room?

I'll be taking a break this week so I will see you all back next
week.  I hope you are all having dreams of the Sugar Plum
Fairy as well!  Cheers and Happy New Year to everyone!