Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Minute Christmas Decoration

Haven't you had the time to decorate yet and are you a skilful person? Well then, don't worry! Here are a few tips to make some last minute Christmas decoration.

Aren't they beautiful these wooden dears and hearts?

To create this, all you need is a plank and a saw, paint and ribbon. You design your favorite figure on the wooden plank and you start to saw!

Different colours of paint...

...and you can start to paint the figure into your favorite colour!

To finish you put some Christmas ribbon around the figure.

A twiggy homemade star.
Secure the framework of sticks with twine and create a candleholder from a spiral of twisted wire.

Old pressed-glass jars make ideal night lights.
Decorate with a tiny traditional garland of evergreen foliage.

Decorate your candlesticks with a twist of greenery or a circlet of berries.

Pine cones, shiny hips, haws, bright berries and crab apples make strikingly simple decorations.
Hang them from rustic twine, string or ribbon across a window or in a doorway where they will spin and catch the light.
This week our sweet Lauren of the Pure Style Home blog gave us a good Christmas decoration idea!
On the mantelpiece in her home, she placed an amount of pillar candles and hung a magnolia wreath above this!
Wonderful isn't it?
Thank you for the tip Lauren!

Image: Pure Style Home blog
I hope you liked my decoration tips!
All images : Country Living Magazine, december 2009