Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who might be the designer?

This week I was glancing through an old issue from the Belgian Magazine "Riant Wonen" when I discovered an article from a company that is restoring houses.
I immediately fell in love with the interior of the Belgian house that this company showed here!
It is a beautiful, charming interior with a mix of classical and contemporary elements.

Of course I wanted to know the name of the designer of this project! But unfortunately it was not mentionned!
I wonder if the designer could be the designer that I suppose to be!!??
Do you have any idea ?? Maybe after following my blog for a few months, you might have an idea of the designer of this interior...

Slipcovered seats, modern art, an antique mantelpiece...

Silverwork cabinet, the hall bench, the door, the curtains,...I love all of this!

A mix of contemporary and classical furniture, modern art.

Isn't that cabinet beautiful? And watch the floor tiles!

The dining room with a beautiful antique chandelier.

I adore the green colour used for the double door.

The kitchen walls are covered with the Delft tiles "Hollandse witjes".

Another, more official, dining room, I suppose.
Lime paint on the walls and again a modern painting.

A long oak table.

Again the mix of an antique cabinet with a modern painting.

One of the bedrooms.

And one of the bathrooms with a wooden tube!

Another hall way.

And this is the outside of the renovated house.
It is a castle with additional farm house.

Who do you think could be the designer of the interior?
I wish you a nice weekend!
Images all scanned from the Magazine "Riant Wonen", issue 2002, Renoveren in Stijl.
Renovation Company Renoplan.