Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Searching for the right chest

image 1
I always have had a weakness for beautiful chests. But finding the right chest is not always that easy!
So I spend a lot of time in the search for the right chests to bring into the home of my clients.

image 2 A lacquered Louis XV style chest.

image 3 Black lacquered on the outside, fuchsia lacquered on the inside.

image 4 Painted in a diamond pattern.

Do you love this diamond pattern? I do!
Here on below I show you a picture of this chest in diamond pattern together with a mirror that I have chosen for the entry hall of one of my clients.

image 5 Lacquerd mirror.

image 6 Entry hall of my client.
Lefèvre Interiors

image 7 Another type of chest with the diamond pattern.

image 8 A very elegant chest with drawers, painted with a flower motif.

image 9
Lefèvre Interiors
The type of chest, but in the fuchsia colour, on image 8, is placed in the hall of my own home.

image 9 The brass handles with an antique patine to make them look older.

When I don't find the type of furniture that my client is looking for, in that case, we make the required furniture in our own company.

image 10 This is an oak Louix XVI style chest that is made in our company.
This jewel of a chest is handcarved by the craftsmen in our company.
Picture of my entry hall.

Lefèvre Interiors

image 11 Detail of the woodcarving.

image 12 One of the craftsmen of our company at work.
Lefèvre Interiors

image 14 Painted chest made in our company.
Lefèvre Interiors

image 15 Detail of the painted chest.

image 16 Another painted type of chest, made in our company.
Lefèvre Interiors
Hope you loved the images of the chests!
Image 2,3,4,5,7 and 8 scanned from the Moissonnier catalogue.
All other images from Lefèvre Interiors