Monday, December 28, 2009

Beautiful blogs to discover

If you are like me and you love to discover new blogs, here I will give you 5 blogs I would recommend to visit!

Some of you will have red about Brigitte in one of my earlier posts (here)! Brigitte and her husband Alain run an antiques business in Belgium Garnier Antiques.
A few weeks ago Brigitte started her own blog Brigitte Garnier's Lifestyle. Although it is in its infancy, the blog looks very promising! Brigitte tells us about all things that keep her busy in live, about the beautiful country of Cambodia she fell in love with,...

The orangery at Brigitte her home.

The library corner in her house.

Brigitte's beautiful house in Damme (near Bruges).


2. Lutson Goudleder

Frederic, Lut and Fevy are manufacturing leather that looks ancient! Just stunning!Their company is situated in Gascony, France. To know all about this craftsmanship, please visit their wonderful blog Lutson Goudleder and their website

Leather detail 1

Leather detail 2

The beautiful house and factory in Gascony.

3. Interiors

Christelle, the author of this beautiful blog, who probably lives in Paris and in Milan, shows us wonderful images about interiors from all over the world!

A house in the French countryside.

A 14th century mansion in Italy.

4. Green and Stylish

Borjana is an interior designer from Germany and writes about all things green and stylish that inspire her daily life and work.

The beautiful home of Borjana.

Blayne Beacham from Atlanta is a photographer specialized in architectural photography.
All of her pictures on her blog are gorgeous!

I strongly recommand you these wonderful blogs. You will not be disappointed!