Monday, December 7, 2009

White Living Rooms

When you think about it, white would seem like a boring
color to have as a background color. Track homes and
new homes always come standard with white walls. But
using textures, shapes and accent colors - white can be a
wonderful color to be the base of your design.

This post focuses on living rooms that have White
as a background or the main color of the room.
There's something to be said for a monochromatic
color scheme. By using different shades of the same
color, a monochromatic room can be quite dramatic.

Who doesn't like a little zebra in their living room?

Otherwise, one can never ever go
wrong with black and white.

Using plastic or lucite pieces with white also
works quite well since it is devoid of color.

This is a more neutral room with beiges,
greys and a little bit of red accent color.

Having white as a background is a great way to throw in
colorful accessories. Tired of the color? Just swap in
new pillows, drapes or accent pieces.

With everything white except for the sofa,
the green sofa really pops in the room.

Silver or grey is also a wonderful
neutral color to pair with white.

I thought this was such an interesting living room.
It has rococo features on the ceiling with a decidedly
rustic looking chandelier. It totally works though.

At Home with White

If you love white in your home, Atlanta
Bartlett has a great book called "At Home
With White"
that you should check out.

Photos from Living Etc.