Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Pastel Christmas ~ Shabby Chic Christmas ~ Merry Christmas Everyone!

Have any of you thought of a pastel Christmas?  I love the room above -
it's sort of a blend between shabby chic and a pastel Christmas.  It's super
girly but tons of fun.

Pink glasses with gold rimmed dishes.

Pastel candy covered almonds...

These magazine clippings are from Home Companion magazine.
They absolutely show that a "Pastel" Christmas can be very
well done and lots of fun.

Silver finishes for a touch of glam.

Bolder colors to accent the pastels.

A pastel Christmas is great if you have young
ones and kids would love the color scheme.

I haven't made paper chains in a long time -
all you need is a pair of scissors, a stapler
and lots of bright fun wrapping paper or
origami paper.

Wrap all of your presents up in pink!

How about a paper and button gingerbread house?

You can make a wonderful decorative ball with vintage ornaments.

What do you think?  It may not be for everyone but
would you ever do a pastel Christmas?  Or even
perhaps a miniature version for your daughter's room?

Merry Christmas Everyone!