Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kyle Schuneman's Fabulous Makeover for Tyra Bank's Office

Earlier in the year, I did a post on a wonderful
L.A. based interior and set designer called
Kyle Schuneman. He did a makeover for
Tyra Bank's office earlier in the year which
I think is absolutely fantastic. You can tell
that his makeover would be affordable for
the average person.

I adore looking at before and after photos. And
what a huge difference it is before and after!

Kyle really did wonders for this office. Seeing the
before and after photos really gives one a sense of
the transformation that took place.

The photographer responsible for much
of Kyle's fantastic work is Joe Schmelzer.

I adore the mirrored dresser. Kyle put a lot of
mirrored finishes aroudn the office for a super
chic and glam feel.

Here are some closer up photos of the office.

He found room for a chaise and a little
mirrored end block to serve as an end table.

The frames are so much fun.

The purple colored water in the vase
is a cheap way to create an absolutely
awesome detail.

So what do you think? You can totally
tell that he made this transformation on
a reasonable budget. I couldn't help
but go nuts over this office!

Photography by Joe Schelmzer