Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why not take a bath in a wooden tub?

First of all I have to give you the answer on the question of my earlier blogpost "Who might be the designer?" Yes a few of you had guess the right answer. The designer of the house is Axel Vervoordt.

My earlier blogpost gave me inspiration to the blogpost of today. When I saw the picture of the bathroom with the wooden bath tub, I tought to share with you some wonderful wooden tubs.

The tubs can be made of oakwood, teak or mahogany.

So make your choice!

image Actief Wonen Magazine December 2009 isssue, photographer Serge Anton

image Riant Wonen Magazine 2002

image my files

Tub in mahogany.

image my files

image www.badenvanhout.nl

Tub in oakwood.

image my files

image www.bartokdesign.com

image my files

image www.alegna.ch

Did you made your choice?