Friday, April 16, 2010

Daydreaming of an orangerie…


Aren’t you dreaming of an orangerie, a pavilion or a glasshouse  of your own?

Here are some exquisite examples which can make your day!!

When I visited the beautiful new website of the Belgian company Greensquare, I couldn’t withhold you from some of the images on their website!

This company is specialized in “first class” outbuildings and windows.

Greensquare is operating in Belgium and by way of partners, in a lot of European countries and even in the USA!!


Foto 3

Isn’t that a gorgeous outbuilding?


Foto 2

The inside of the building.

It would be so wonderful reading a book in this chair while sunshine is falling in!

Foto 1 

Foto 23

Can you imagine…?

Foto 5

Foto 4

Foto 6

A pavilion for all your summer and winter parties !


Foto 7 I love the entrance of the pavilion.


Foto 8


Foto 12

Foto 11

Foto 10 Even used as a pool house.


Foto 13

Foto 14


Foto 16

Here is obtained a more contemporary look by adding this glasshouse.


Foto 17 The inside of the glasshouse.

Foto 18

Foto 19

Foto 20

Notice the mix : classic style of the house with the more comtemporary outbuilding.

Foto 22

Foto 21

If you want to fulfill your dream, don’t hesitate to contact this Belgian company HERE.

For more information and examples of these exquisite outbuildings, please visit the GREENSQUARE website HERE.


Have a wonderful weekend my friends!