Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Desert Retreat Part II - Sharq Village & Spa in Doha, Qatar (Dining & Spa)

A continuation of our tour through the Sharq Village & Spa in Doha, Qatar
brings us to this fabulous outdoor dining space with a fantastic view of the
shoreline.  Qatar is a peninsular nation that is attached to Saudi Arabia on
one side and lies Northwest of United Arab Emirates.

They have an upscale and chic restaurant
with gorgeous lighting and furnishings.

Love the cascading light fixtures and the tufted curved banquette. 
 Shades  of green, brown and purple seem to blend really smoothly
together.  Just gorgeous.

In this space, you know you that you're in the Middle East.

The whole property is indeed structured like
a village inside high fortress like walls.

Here is the very grand entrance to their spa called The Sixth Sense.

Love the organic and rustic feel of this washing area.

Talk about a space that is soothing, serene and beautiful.

I certainly wouldn't mind spending the day at this spa.

I'd say the pool area ain't too shabby either.  A desert may not be the very
first you think of when you think of a vacation - but a desert by the sea,
why not indeed.

Photos from Kiwi Collection and Sharq Village & Spa