Monday, April 12, 2010

Lighting - Fun Light Fixtures and Lamps

When designing a room, many people overlook the power
of lighting.  Everyone remembers to put in the a couple of
lamps and maybe a light fixture or pendant, but not many
people move beyond that.  One of the few designers that
uses lights as an integral part of their design is Candace
Olson.  What she does with lighting is just amazing.  In the
mean time, I just wanted to share some fun light fixtures
and lamps for some inspiration.

I love the color of the lamp fixtures and the feminine curves
above.  Heather Bailey.

If you want some drama and a splash of color in a room,
you really can't go wrong with this hot pint chandelier.

How about mixing traditional with the glam and
look of sparkling crystals?  It's a fun juxtaposition.

Or you can go with a modern twist on a crystal chandelier.

Colored glass adds color to any room whether it be
in the form of a vase, bottles or a glass chandelier.

I absolutely adore the look of mercury silver.
Here's a fantastic example of one.  The room
above is designed by Nate Berkus.

An all metal lamp in a more traditional form.

If you can't find a lamp that's perfect, there's
nothing wrong with making your own lamp
by using a huge bottle or vase and taking it
to a specialty lamp store that can wire it
for you.

Here's a fantastic modern rendition of a lamp with
rococo styling by Shine Home.  So very cool.  It
reminds me of one of those fancy French cakes.
Like an accessory that would belong in the modern
version of Marie Antoinette's bedroom.

For those of you who like simple and modern, lamps
like these can be covered in any fabric or paper of
your choice to make your own look.

Hope this has given you some inspiration
for lighting in your home.