Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Dose of Color II - Colorful Objects of Inspiration

Just got back from Mexico - got sun, got relaxation and got mosquito bites!
Anyhow, thought I might give everyone a dose of color inspiration drawn
from objects and photos instead of room images.  I must admit that I'm
enamored with most shades of magenta, purple and plums as you can see

Flowing fabric and textures are something else that I love.

Color in a modern Asian themed interpretation.

An eclectic and colorful room full of personality.

Colored plastic trays and bowls can make quite a fun combination.

If you have open shelves, fill them with color!

Monochromatic schemes can be very dramatic against a white backdrop.
(Photo by Eric Roth, Kelly McGill's Interiors)

I've always loved lanterns - ever used ones that float on water?

I love this very clever advertisement by Osborne and Little.

As always, Trine Thorsen's photos are always super colorful.
Just can't bear to take my eyes away from all that color!

Hope this post has brightened your day.