Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thomas Britt ~ A Palm Beach Home with a Wonderful Color Palette

Thomas Britt designs preetttyyy fabulous rooms and homes.  He has
 a wonderful way of mixing color with layers and textures.  He blends
all of these things together in a way that manages to be soothing and
dramatic at the same time.  Not an easy feat to pull off. 

I really love the color story he uses for this Palm Beach home.  It's
not a color combination I see often and it's very nice.

He always manages to choose really
great rugs to incorporate in his designs.

He always manages to strike the right balance of form
and function when it comes to his furniture choices.  

Again, notice the striking rug.  In this room,
he painted the ceiling a gorgeous blue.

When you live on the ocean, it's all about the view and outdoor dining.

What a gorgeous and comfortable bedroom.  What's the verdict on this
Thomas Britt design?  My favorite was his color scheme.  What's your
favorite element in his design?

Photos from Architectural Digest