Friday, April 30, 2010


This week I received the Happy 101 Award from the lovely Victoria of the Art House Design blog!


She wrote me that my blog makes her happy every time she comes over! Isn’t that wonderful to hear?!

Victoria, you make me so HAPPY with this! I appreciate it a lot! Thank you so much!!!

For those who do not know Victoria’s beautiful and inspirational blog, please click on the header of her blog.


So Victoria asked me to tell about 10 things that make me happy.

Here I go!

1/My family : my husband Jan and my son Anthony make me happy.


I love raising my son into a good and respectful young man. He is 14 years old now and I know that time is going on so fast and that he is growing up so fast. I have to enjoy every moment with him!


My husband supports me in everything I do and together, we are managing our business in the best way possible.

Watching my husband being happy with his grandchildren makes me happy!

2/ Family reunions : I so love gathering with our family. Especially when Nele (my husband’s daughter) and her husband  

                                           with the 2 grandchildren come to visit us.

11 My husband and his daughter with the grandchildren Alexa and Tristan.


I especially love summer reunions. Here a family reunion at my sisters last summer.

3/ Flowers : I really love flowers and love to decorate with these beauties.

7This is a rambler rose, named Kir Royal, at the back of our house.


I can’t imagine living without flowers! Every week I bring fresh flowers to decorate my home.

4/Decorating : it is a way of destressing to me.


Sometimes it happens that I decorate and redo that same corner twice a week. I can’t help!

5/Inviting friends : to prepare a good meal (I have to admit that my husband is the best cook at home.) and setting the table for

                                         friends and guests is making me happy.



My private cook!

6/France : going to France is making me so happy.

                      A city trip to Paris,  spending our holiday at the south of France, visiting the wine castles at Bordeaux,

                     a search for antiques at Isle-sur-la-Sorgue,….. I adore the French way of living. It makes me happy!


3 A few years ago at the Ritz in Paris.


A view from Eze Village on the Mediterranean Sea, I took 2 years ago.


Me in one of the antiques shops at Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.


7/ Castles : I love visiting castles. In Belgium there are a lot of beautiful castles to visit. Lucky me!

                        The interiors of them give me inspiration for my job!

                    17 The Castle of Beloeil.

8/Satisfied clients : one of the very important things in my life that really makes me happy and that gives me satisfaction!


9/ Reading books and magazines : mostly related to my job.


13                                     It is relaxing reading a book or a magazine, in the evening, after a busy day of work.

10/ Blogging : It makes me so happy that I met all these wonderful people through blogging!!! Some of them became

                              very good friends! I am so thankful for that.


This is my home office, where I also spend a lot of time blogging.


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Have a wonderful weekend!