Saturday, April 2, 2011

interior decorating

       5 Tips Interior Decorating Feng Shui For Modern Design

     Practicing feng shui when it comes to room decor has become a popular way to style room. Feng shui is about utilizing the space in your home effectively to maintain the beauty of your home.
There are certain things that homeowners should or should not do when it comes to decor and have the right feng shui in the room. Here are some tips on interior decorating if you want your home to retain its beauty.

Include Colors in the Room
In feng shui decorating, there are certain colors you should use if you want to promote good energy in the room. All the colors stand for different things, like the color red stands for good luck, that's why most people will include red in their decor.
Keep Simple Room
Feng shui decor does not involve too crowded room full of goods. Instead the room should be kept fairly simple with basic furniture and some accessories. The room may not be as narrow as it would only offer a negative energy of the room.

Use Natural Materials
When possible use natural materials for the room. Natural materials like bamboo, hemp, and organic fabric helps to keep away negative chi that can be found with an artificial product.
Decorate with Plants
If you want your room has good chi, then you'll want to decorate with plants. The fact that plants are living objects that help the environment makes it a beautiful addition to any room Feng shui. Use all the different types of plants in your home to achieve a unique look in every room.
Decorate and Design According to the bagua
Bagua is the map of energy to the room. If you are really serious about Feng shui decorating, then you must follow special bagua according to the shape and size of the room.
Feng shui decorating is becoming more and more popular and has since become better known as a style of decoration rather than philosophy. Embracing Feng shui life and read more about it if you want to get a positive chi in your home.


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