Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brussels Hotel Le Dixseptième

To anyone who is planning to visit Brussels, I would recommand you the charming
Hotel Le Dixseptième.
The hotel is located between the Grand Place and the Central Station, only a few steps away from museums, art galleries and antiques dealers. See my post of The Brussels Antiques Dealers.

Le Dixseptième is a luxurious and serene oasis in the historical heart of Brussels.
Since the 14th century this house has been situated in the most prestigious area of the city.

Le Dixseptième is also the perfect site for seminars, banquets and elegant soirées.

The hotel has parquet flooring, crystal chandeliers, paintings and wooden medaillons. So it is a very charming place to stay.

A luxurious suite.

Another beautiful room.

The lounge.

Another view of the cosy lounge.

Notice these wonderful steel windows.

Breakfast room.

Seminar or gathering room.

Another view of the seminar room.

The outside of Hotel Le Dixseptième.
If you are interested in a stay at this hotel, please go to visit the hotel website
Enjoy your stay!