Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Flemish Interiors of today

The Flemish interiors of today are characterized by the use of natural (new or recuperation), materials and elements.
Oakwood for furniture and woodpaneling. Parquet, natural stone, terra cotta tiles or brick as flooring materials.
Lime paint on the walls. Linen used as seat upholstery or slipcovers and as curtains fabric.

The interiors of today give you the impression as if they were created a long time ago and never have been changed for years.

Our Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt has been a trendsetter for the look of a lot of these Flemish interiors. Did you know that this week he is named by the British design house Andrew Martin as "Designer of the year 2009" ? If you want to read more about it, you could visit the garvinweasel blog. James, the author of the blog did a post about the nomination (here).

Oak beams for the ceiling, terra cotta tiles.

Wicker chairs in the orangerie of Brigitte and Alain Garnier.

Painted wood and terra cotta.

Boulders used as flooring, lime paint.

Natural decorative elements and furniture.
Walda Pairon

Oak table, beautiful decorative elements.

Oak wood for the table top. Notice the table wheels, a glimpse of industrial furniture.
Wooden beams.

Terra cotta tiles.

Parquet floor.

Oakwood paneling and natural stone floor.

Oak parquet, linen, beautiful decorative elements on the wall.
Orac Decor

I wish you a nice Thanksgiving!
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