Saturday, November 7, 2009

White tones interiors

Going through my files of interior images, I am always attracted by the images I filed of more or less "white tones interiors". Looking at them I feel a sort of calmness coming over me.
Although there can be used sometimes a lot of colourful decorative items and furniture, the white background catches all these and neutralizes the environment.

Do you notice the same experience looking at those images here below?

Image 1 Decorating with Antiques
Caroline Clifton-Mogg
Even hanging these colourful paintings, the room radiates calmness.

Image 2 My files
Although there are a lot of furniture here, the room has a peaceful air.

This image is of a new friend of The Living Art and Interiors blog.

Image 4 My files

This white tone woodpaneling is gorgeous, isn't it?

Image 5 Orac Decor

I do like the combination of dark wood and white walls.

Image 6 My files
White paneling, white carpet, white flowers.

Image 7 My files

Image 8 My files

Image 9 My files

Image 10 My files

White painted paneling in this Parisian apartment.

Image 11 My files

Image 12 Veranda Magazine

Image 13 My files

Image 14 Lefèvre Interiors

Image 15 Lars Bolander

In Swedish interiors a lot of white tones are used.

Image 16 Antiques for Today's Interiors
Geneviève Weaver and Helen Chislett
I prefer white walls for an entry hall.

Image 17 Decorating with Antiques
Caroline Clifton-Mogg
Dark coloured parquetry and white walls!

Image 18 Puur Landelijk
Enrica Stabile

Image 19 My files

Image 20 My files

The white and grey tones that Brooke from Velvet and Linen has used here are so well chosen! I really love this picture.

Image 22 Lefèvre Interiors

Image 23 My files

This image is from a beautiful new blog I found a few days ago: The Hjemmets Gleder blog.

Image 25 My files
And in a bedroom are often used white tones to stimulate a good night's rest.

Image 26 Room Seventeenstyle blog

Image 27 My files

Image 28 My files
I wish all of you a wonderful weekend! And I do hope that next week I will find more time to read all your posts! This week was too hectic!
Unfortunately I do not know the source of image 2,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,19,20,23,25,27,28.