Monday, November 9, 2009

WallPaper Projects and Rooms

I absolutely adore the color of this room. Wallpaper does
not have to cover entire rooms and walls to be effective.
This room is a great example of utilizing wallpaper to
accentuate without covering all of the walls with it. If you
notice, this living room only has two panels of wallpaper.
The designer was clever in using the same color paint as
the wallpaper for the backdrop so the wallpaper blends
nicely. The white coffee table and fireplace is a good
contrast for this powerful shade of color.

Again, we see only one panel of wallpaper here. The panel
of wallpaper has become the focus of the wall and the layout
of the furniture is centered around it. Great contrast of
yellow and gray.

Wallpaper can be used to cover bulletin boards such as
in this office below. It blends perfectly as the wallpaper
used for the bulletin boards are the same pattern as the
rest of the room (with contrasting white walls.)

You can use wallpaper or reinforced wrapping paper to
cover the back of a book case for some pop and pizazz.

Another example of a single wallpaper panel which
matches the color of the curtains and the dishes on the

Only wallpapering a recessed wall
space is a great way to go as well.

Wallpapering an otherwise bland clipboard is also a great idea.

Bet you never thought of wallpapering the top of your
table or end table? It's actually a great idea to give
some pattern to the top of a table.

Don't have enough money to buy and tile actual rock
tiles? A pictorial wallpaper can give a great effect too.

Most people don't usually think to use wallpaper in
the bathroom, but this graphic wallpaper really works
well here.

Hope you were able to glean some ideas for wallpaper
and pattern from this post. Do you have any wallpaper
projects that you're thinking about?

Photos from Ideal Home Magazine