Sunday, November 8, 2009

T'is The Season

It's usually around early to mid November each year that I start to get my thinking cap on with regards to my plans and ideas for Christmas. All the inspiring Christmas ideas are out in the Magazines by this time each year and most stores have their Christmas decorations up and the season is in full swing.

My planning for this year's Christmas started over the weekend with my purchase of the December issue of Inside Out magazine whose Christmas spread each year is one of my absolute favourites. Not only did I scour through this year's issue, I pulled out issues from previous years which were so beautiful and thought provoking!!

One thing I read in the December 2008 issue which I absolutely loved was a quote by Stylist Lynsey Fryers;

"Don't be put off by thinking you must do things in a certain way, because Christmas is so personal."

I for one am a person who does do Christmas a little more on the abstract side when it comes to the colours/patterns/papers/decorations I use. I tend to love a touch of pink, yellow, lime green, aqua and orange. I find that even though these colours aren't really traditional Christmas colours, to me they are festive and bright and happy.

Over the weekend I went back through the photos of what I created last year to get myself motivated. Harry and I also cooked up a batch of star shaped short bread as a practice run for the 14 batches we will be cooking the week of Christmas to give to our family & friends.

So, in the coming weeks I thought I would talk and post all things Christmas. From entertaining ideas, gift wrapping ideas, decorations and gifts. I hope in some way I can inspire you to create something wonderful of your own this Christmas. Let's join together and celebrate the spirit of this wonderful season!!


Image 1 - wreath by Saskia Havekes of Grandiflora, Image 2 - Lynsey Fryers home & quote via Inside Out magazine December 2008, Image 3 - Cover of Inside Out December 2009 Christmas issue, Image 4 - My 2008 Christmas Tree creation.