Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ten things about me

I received the Honest Scrap Award from the lovely and talented colour consultant and designer Maria at Colour Me Happy.
So I am asked to tell you honestly 10 things about myself and to nominate 7 other blogs I love.
In an earlier post (here) I told about things of myself. So now I will try to share another 10 honest things you do not know yet about me!

Here I go!

1. I love roses, especially white roses.

2. I love pearls.

3. My preferred dress is the little black dress. And I love the Chanel styled one.

4. Like most of us I am a shoe and a bag aholic!

I love to wear this pair.... this high-heeled pair!

5. The city I really love to visit, is Paris.

6. My preferred movie (and which I can watch over and over again) is
"A Good Year" (2006) by Ridley Scott. With Russel Crowe.
I so love the house with his vineyard and the way you can discover the beautiful
Provence in France!

The beautiful house in the movie.

7. My preferred food :
In winter I love the Flemish Stew!

Click on the image to watch a video about how to prepare the stew!

And in summertime I do prefer a salad Nicoise.

Click on the image to watch the video how to prepare.

8. My favourite winter evening is the one sitting around the fireplace with my family!

9. I love snow but I hate driving the car when it is snowing!

10. I love blogging ! It is so nice to meet all of you!

And I tagged the following 7 bloggers:
1. Cindy from Oakview Cottage
2. Lidy from French Garden House
3. David from The Neo Lifestyle
4. Lauren from Pure Style Home
5. Linda from Surroundings
6. Anci from The Lighthouse
7. Monika from Splendid Willow

We will all love reading about you!!!