Monday, November 23, 2009

The Great Thomas Britt - Old World Flavour with Modern Color and Elegance

I'm having a bit of technical difficulty with my scanner at
the moment. But it looks like Mrs. Blandings was inspired
by the same article as I. The December 2009 issue of
Vogue magazine has an article on the home of Alexis and
Trevor Traina of San Francisco whose home is designed
by design icon Thomas Britt. Isn't the above space just
simply jaw dropping?

Thomas Britt is one of the most prolific and well known
design icon of our time. I adore his style of marrying
old world flavour with brilliant colors and modern lines.
His designs are very distinctive.

Many of you have probably seen a photo of this famous
turquoise living room in a Greenwich Village apartment.
What some of you may not know is that this is also the
work of Thomas Britt.

I often wondered what the rest of the space in this home
looked like. Here is a before photo of that same turquoise
living room.

And a before photo of the kitchen.

Can't believe that space turned into this huh!

The apartment really went through a transformation.

This is the library/sitting area of the same apartment.
It's gorgeous isn't it? I love the dark blue walls and the
contrasting ceiling and colors in the furniture. He has
such a way with blending colors that you wouldn't think
to put together.

Yup, same condo. Totally different look. It looks like a
bedroom out of a fantastical dream. Britt literally covered
the walls and ceilings with a shiny patterned wallpaper to
achieve this fantastical look. It is so striking and original.

This is a different home that Britt designed in Tribeca.
The height of the ceiling is simply stunning.

The red lacquered walls are
completely stunning.

The bedroom is not as bright but still
littered with peacock blue.

I always dreamed of a canopied space like this as little
girl. This place is so perfect napping or reading. *sigh*

And here is Thomas Britt himself in the
striking space he designed.

So what do you think? Love it? Too much?

Photos from Architectural Digest and Vogue