Friday, November 6, 2009

Mae Brunken Design - LA, Santa Monica and a Moroccan Fantasy

Earlier in the week, I had a post showcasing Mae Brunken's
Hollywood Hills Mediterranean styled home. I would also
like to share some of her work. Her style is rich and homey.
I just love the colors in the living room of this L.A. home that
she designed.

I love this square coffee table and the colorful rug is a
really fantastic anchor and jumping off point for the entire

The kitchen is modern with clean lines
and old school tiles for the flooring.

She blends vintage modern furniture wonderfully in the home.

Talk about earthy, homey with a touch of the exotic. This
is combination that Brunken dreamed up for this Santa
Monica home is killer.

The same theme is in the dining room -
rich and beautiful tones.

This room just makes you want to cozy up
in the bed and read, write and daydream.

I really like how she used small tiles for the
bathroom counter top which is unique.

Last but not least in this post is a Moroccan fantasy home
a client from Scottsdale requested. I'd say Brunken did a
pretty fantastic job. It feels authentic, lived in and luxurious.

Get a load of this fire place with stripes.

All of the arches really reflect classic
Moroccan and Islamic architecture.

This is a really neat built in bed with steps and storage.
What a wonderful use of space for a room with angles.

The dining room is every bit as rich
with tiles, fabrics and patterns.